Student Council


The Student Council in Mullingar Community College is headed by an elected Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

Each class across each year group elects a representative to the Student Council, who meet regularly with a staff representative. The function of the Student Council is to create a forum for student voice to be heard and to allow students to work in a democratic partnership with school staff and management. Students are encouraged to discuss issues of relevance to them and to participate in the decision-making process of our school. These students are active in fundraising for charity, and in the organisation of wellbeing days and events.

Student Council Members 2023 2024

First Year: Cody Dinnegan, Rihanna Maloney and Oliver Rowley

Second Year: Kiara Kovacikova, Tyler Byrne and Armandas Slionys

Third Year: Maja Gogic, Laura Cichocka and Jayden Scally

Transition Year: John Patrick Valenzuela

Fifth Year: Nojus Dirkstys, Nadia Zychowska and Jonathan Golden

6th Year: Katie Starr and Callum Rigney

LCA: Owen Crichton

International: Marzio D’Amore